Why Clients Choose Vast Triumph

MTP – Mirror Trading Plus

Clients can automatically mirror the trades of TOP traders.

VTAI - Vast Triumph Analysis Indicator

Our very own AI capable of
executing only the right trades from the top traders.

Easy and Convenient

Deposit your desired amount and click to begin your journey to mirror trades. No trading knowledge required.

Licensed and Regulated

Vast Triumph means investing with a trustworthy partner.

Low Trading Fees

Only US$1/day.

Low Initial Capital

Our investment starts from as low as US$1,000!

Client Focused

We are always there for you with our 24/5 client support.

Why Top Traders Engage Us

Top Dollar Commission

Performance based rewarding platform for those who deserves.


Rank among our top traders and be recognised.


View our trades live through your MT4. Anytime. Anywhere.

How Confident is Vast Triumph?

We are the only forex trading firm offering CAPITAL PROTECTION. Should there be a loss on any trading account, Vast Triumph will top it up to the initial capital on every Monday.

Experience the new age of forex trading today