VAST TRIUMPH Introduces the Next Generation Of Investment Teams:

Why trade yourself when you can have trading teams which brings you endless possibilities!

Team Aggro

With a more aggressive approach in trading, expect higher fluctuations on returns. The highly competent team is outperforming industry average in limiting losing trades and closing down profitable positions with maximum value.

Pop-And-Stop + Drop-And-Stop Trading Strategy

Team Aggro improvises on this popular strategy and generates consistently strong returns with suitable authentication that breakouts will persist. These confirmations can include rejection bar and Harami candlestick estimations, or other indicators like Bollinger Bands and support-resistance oscillators.

Team Balance

Balance is the key as they pursue the riches in the markets. With an impeccable trading record to boot, they rise to every occasion in all market conditions.

Overlapping Fibonacci Trading Strategy

Overlapping Fibonacci is an advanced version of the highly popular Fibonacci Retracement strategies that many traders employ. In this strategy, Team Balance traders use the confluence of Fibonacci extensions or retracements with other indicators, such as, pivot points, and resistance or support level etc.
The idea of using overlapping Fibonacci strategy is quite exhilarating because this is exactly what you need in forex trading. In this strategy, trader gets to trade two strong Fibonacci points at a known resistance and support region and will probably get a usable reaction from it. It is a simple but highly effective trade strategy.

Team Conservative

Caution and capital preservation are the rule of thumb for Team Conservative. With 1 of the lowest losing margins in the industry, you can bet on them and sleep easy at night.

Bolly Band Bounce Trading Strategy

Bollinger Bands act as a dynamic support/resistance levels from which the price is expected to bounce off. Team Conservative traders, therefore, expect the crossover of the price action and the outer band to be both an entry and an exit point. Traders improvises with stop loss and take profit functionality, adjusting when the prices move and achieved amazing results.

Trade With The Best

It’s a great opportunity for clients to join the professionals on Vast Triumph, but at the same time it also means a lot of responsibility. Knowing that thousands of people are following our trades and putting their trust in us is truly incredible. It inspires us to do better every day and grants our traders the recognition they deserve!

Once you invest in one of our trade teams, rest assured your capital is professionally managed by us. Each team’s performance is analysed in depth and rebalanced automatically to maximise its gain potential.

Choose VT

As part of Vast Triumph’s efforts to open the financial markets to everyone, we are inviting traders from around the world to register with us. Join us in our revolution of the financial market.